While we can design and create your very own custom t-shirts, some people enjoy the creative aspect of the entire process. Often times, people may only need help actually making the t-shirt after designing their own logo. If you ever get stuck and need some creative input, our designer can help you in-house. Once you get your design just how you like it, we can create it for you on a wide range of different t-shirt types. We’re one of the only places in Denver that have no minimum orders. If you only need one t-shirt to use as a prototype or for your own personal use, we are more than happy to accommodate your order. Below we have outlined some important things to consider when designing your own t-shirt or logo.

Plan Your Design

There are multiple reasons to create your own custom t-shirts. Some of the most popular reasons are advertising for your company, representing your favorite sports team, building up brand loyalty or showing off your own artwork. It’s important to understand why you’re designing a t-shirt. Lots of people just want to make something for fun or to wear themselves. Others need it for business or to build brand loyalty.

Pick a Color Scheme

As you plan your custom t-shirt design, it’s important to think about color contrast. In other words, how certain colors in the design appear against a lighter or darker colored shirt. For example, darker colored shirts look good with lighter colors such as pastels. Sometimes your design will look great on a computer or on paper but not when it actually gets printed. If you have any questions about a color scheme, our in-house designer can help!

Placement of the Design

What you want to accomplish with your design is important before deciding the placement of it. For work shirts, a small logo that mimics a polo shirt may be best. If you want to build brand loyalty, a larger logo in the center of your shirt may be better.

Final Mock Up

While you may have a color scheme or logo in mind, it may not be exactly how you thought it up. You won’t know this until you’ve seen it all on paper. If you’re unsure of the look, placement or colors, ask friends, family or coworkers. Just because you think it’s a good idea doesn’t mean other people will react to it the same way. Getting other people’s input will help you finalize the design.

Touch up your Design with Adobe

Even if you’re only designing for fun, Adobe is a great way to touch up your sketches by playing with filters, colors, brightness, contrast, effects, and saturation.

Use Computer Software

If your paper sketches aren’t to your liking, you can use computer software to draw them instead. These will ensure the quality is good enough to be printed upon a t-shirt.

Add a Slogan or Wording

Don’t try to say too much in one small area. Think about your all-time favorite logos and slogans. Most of them are simple and expand a bit on the design. If you add font or a slogan, less is always more. Use your website to tell your story instead of your t-shirt.

Create a Prototype

Creating a prototype is a great way to see how it all comes together. This way, you don’t have to commit to something you may not even like. You can also gauge interest on whether or not other people actually like it. We’ve had people who made t-shirts for themselves only to end up making way more to sell to friends and family.

As you get more practice designing t-shirts, the process will take less time and you’ll have a lot more fun. A lot of our clients started this as a hobby and it quickly became a passion and eventually a regular business. If you have any questions or want to start your custom t-shirt order, please give us a call (303) 761-6009