Quality Custom T-Shirts Designed Just How You Want it Done

The t-shirt is a standard part of anyone’s closet whether you’re male or female. Anyone can go out and buy a t-shirt but the real fun begins with designing your own. With a custom t-shirt, you can express yourself and create something that no one else has. The process of creating a custom t-shirt is fun, exciting, and brings out a level of creativity people don’t realize they have.

Mountain Screen Impressions has been in business for longer than most other custom t-shirt companies. Our focuses are quality, affordability, customer service, and short turnaround time. We also don’t have a minimum order requirement, which is unheard of in this day and age. Our team is in-house and your custom t-shirt design will never be contracted out. Most online custom t-shirt companies require a minimum and groups are often forced to purchase extra t-shirts they will never even use. Mountain Screen Impressions is also well known in the community for being exceptional for the following:


We have an in-house graphic artist available at all times to help you get your logo or custom t-shirt design just how you want it. Whatever idea you have in your head, we will bring it to life for you. They don’t need to be too complex. Often times, simplicity goes a long way and we can fill in the gaps. Feel free to check out our sample designs.


A perfect custom t-shirt is a combination of quality material and excellent design. Quality is when sizing, material, softness, weight, and design all come together for the perfect fit, look and feel. A quality custom t-shirt is one that you will wear over and over again that could become a staple of your wardrobe and you’d wear out on a Friday or Saturday night.

Ink Colors

We have all types of Ink Colors that are oil-based and cured with heat. This process ensures they are long-lasting. We’d also be more than happy to suggest an Ink Color that best matches whatever you’re making your custom t-shirt for.

If you have any questions about our custom t-shirts or have a special request, please feel free to give us a call! We offer screen printing, embroidery/digitizing as well as trophies, plaques, and promotional products. (303) 761-6009